Isn’t a Hand Wash Safer?

Not really. Nothing is 100% safe but when we hand wash our cars at home or at a hand car wash, dirt from one end of the car accumulates on sponges or towels and act as a fine sandpaper (the sandpaper effect) on the rest of the car. If it’s a really dirty, we increase the pressure or scrub really hard on a stubborn spot.

Ever notice cars with a swirling or circular pattern on their paint? Tell-tale signs of the circular motions our hands make when washing alongside a car.

Many people also use ordinary dish washing soap which is not recommended for vehicle paint surfaces. It’s very difficult to rinse off and it’s residue ends up drying into paint surfaces leaving them dull. We use Zep’s Blue Coral Beyond Green products engineered specifically for vehicle paint finishes. Water is also constantly sprayed during the wash process to keep your car lubricated. We also apply a wax in the final rinse of every car wash. It helps bead water allowing us to dry your vehicle faster and provides a nice shine and protection on vehicle surfaces.


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